Heaven is not beautiful! Launch of SpaceX rocket with 143 satellites delayed

Beijing, January 24 (Xinhua) according to the Chinese website of the United States, on the morning of the 23rd local time, the Falcon 9 rocket of the US space exploration technology company (SpaceX) carrying 143 satellites was ready for launch. However, due to the weather, the mission was cancelled just minutes before the launch.

Heaven is not beautiful! Launch of SpaceX rocket with 143 satellites delayed

Data chart: on December 5, 2019 local time, SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket was launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force base, Florida, carrying nearly 6000 pounds (about 2722 kg) of supplies and research materials.

SpaceX refuelled the Falcon 9 booster on the morning of the 23rd. However, due to weather conditions, it announced the cancellation of the launch of transporter 1 just minutes before the scheduled launch window. Sources said that Cape Canaveral, Florida, the scene does not meet the conditions for safe launch.

SpaceX subsequently announced that the launch was postponed to the 24th, with a tentative launch window time of 10 am EDT.

According to the report, SpaceX plans to bring 143 satellites into space this time, which will surpass the previous record of a single satellite launch set by an Indian carrier rocket in February 2017. At that time, the polar satellite launch vehicle sent 104 satellites into space.

According to previous reports, SpaceX plans to build a “star chain” network composed of about 12000 satellites in space from 2019 to 2024 to provide high-speed Internet access services to the earth from space.


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