“Chinese market has great attraction”

“In the face of the challenge of the epidemic, in addition to the efforts of the employees, the most important thing for us to quickly resume work and production is the effective prevention and control measures taken by the Chinese government, as well as all kinds of help and support provided to enterprises.” Japanese Matsushita Electric China’s Northeast Asia company president, said recently in an interview with our reporter.

In 2020, Panasonic will continue to increase its investment in China, and many projects cooperating with China will bear fruit one after another. China Northeast Asia company is expected to be the only Matsushita Electric Company in the world to achieve positive growth. “For Panasonic, the Chinese market has a huge attraction.” He said that Panasonic leaders generally believe that China is not only a big manufacturing country, but also a big consumer and innovation country, and the investment environment is very stable. “China has a strong domestic market demand, complete industrial chain, strong ability to accept new technologies, and great advantages and potential for economic development. Panasonic will continue to develop China as an important global market. “

Mr. Benma said that since last year, under the background of epidemic prevention and control, Panasonic’s global branches have changed their working mode of specific guidance from headquarters and begun to play more autonomy. Take Panasonic Northeast Asia as an example. Last year, almost all of its products were directly developed and improved in the Chinese market. “Localization of R & D and production can better meet the needs of local consumers, but also radiate around and win the favor of consumers in regional countries, which will become our new advantage.” Mr. Benma said that Matsushita China Northeast Asia company will also invite young employees from Southeast Asia and South Asia countries to study in the Chinese market, so as to drive all parties to work together to develop more best-selling products.

“The longer you work in China, the more you can feel the vitality and creativity of the younger generation in China.” He believes that China actively creates an environment to encourage innovation, so that young people can get more exercise and growth, which is the hope for future development.

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