Japanese media: the Republican Party may kick off the wave of “abandoning trump”

According to Japan’s Yomiuri Shimbun on January 22, US President trump ended his four-year term on January 20. Although the impact on the Capitol has cast a shadow on his approval rating, trump hopes to maintain his influence after leaving office in order to launch another challenge to the 2024 general election. As the impeachment lawsuit to investigate the responsibility of the incident is about to start, people from all walks of life are generally concerned about whether there will be a wave of “abandoning trump” within the Republican Party.

Reported that on the morning of January 20, at the end of the presidential term, trump attended the departure ceremony held at the air force base in suburban Washington. Facing supporters waving the Star Spangled Banner, he boasted that he had accomplished many things, wished the Biden administration luck and success, and announced that he would eventually return in some form.

Before the departure ceremony, trump also expressed the hope that the departure would not last long.

The report pointed out that the attack on the Capitol led to a decline in Trump’s approval rating. His confidant, former vice president burns, did not appear at his departure ceremony, but attended Biden’s inauguration in Trump’s absence. Republican House and Senate leaders McConnell and McCarthy did not attend Trump’s departure ceremony, but joined Biden in a mass in a church in Washington.

A public opinion survey conducted by the Pew Research Center in the United States after the attack on the Capitol showed that Trump’s support rate in the Republican Party dropped to 60% from 77% in August last year. Some moderates in the party may start & lt; abandoning trump & gt;.


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