American media: Americans expect to walk out of “trump trauma”

On January 22, the website of the New York Times published an article entitled “the end of trump can be the beginning of the United States” by Peter Weiner, senior researcher of the center for ethics and public policy of the United States

A few minutes after President Biden delivered his inaugural address, I received a text message like this & mdash; & mdash; & quot; and I couldn’t help sobbing. It’s been a long five and a half years. ”

Shortly after that, Scott Dudley, senior pastor of Bellevue Presbyterian Church in Washington, sent me an email. “I never thought I would be moved to tears when I watched a Democratic president take the oath of office, but I did,” he said. It’s nice to hear someone who knows and loves the country and the Constitution and is a noble person take the oath. I pray to heal this country. ”

I’ve also talked to other people who tell similar stories.

Biden is an admirable person, understanding and magnanimous, his speech is elegant and inspiring. But these tears have something else to do with: we have just emerged from a national trauma. Just two weeks ago, the Capitol was attacked by rioters instigated by Biden’s predecessor, trump.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was milepost. Biden’s inauguration ceremony was just a tragic milestone we had just crossed the &mdash — 400 thousand people died of the new crown pneumonia — — only a day later. If the two presidents in front of trump, both Republicans and Democrats, were to be in power, this serious number could be avoided.


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