High end interview: one belt, one road initiative will benefit the global economic development and the well-being of the people: Interview with Chairman Mao Lei of Swiss Confederation

Xinhua News Agency berone, April 21, one of the top interviews one after another: one belt, one road initiative will bring benefits to global economic development and people’s well-being: Interview with Shi Jianguo, chairman of Swiss Confederation’s Chairman Mao Lei Er Xinhua. One belt, one road initiative, is a future oriented initiative, which will bring a lot of benefits to the global economic development and the well-being of the people, Chairman Mao rier of Swiss Confederation said in a joint interview with China media in Berne, Switzerland. “One belt, one road” initiative one belt, one road to the world economy, has created a new dimension. The positive results achieved by the landmark project can not only dispel some outsiders’ doubts about the “one belt and one road”, but also lay a foundation for better development in the future. Maurer pointed out that globalization is the magic weapon of world development. To achieve globalization, we cannot do without all kinds of infrastructure construction. In this sense, one belt, one road initiative is a future oriented initiative that will contribute to the realization of globalization. Everyone can benefit from improving and upgrading the level of infrastructure. Mao raer believes one belt, one road, is a very important step in the process of dialogue. He said that there are differences between China and the West in concept, history and political system. China’s rapid development worries some Westerners, but the West should respect China’s great achievements. Only in this way can the two sides have a good foundation for dialogue. It is wrong to refuse dialogue behind closed doors. Speaking of the role one can play in Switzerland one of the “one belt, one road” initiative, Maurer said Switzerland is a neutral economy and a developed economy, and it can become a bridge for cooperation between Eurasian countries. At the same time, Switzerland is also an open economy. It is committed to creating a good development environment for enterprises in finance, investment, insurance and other fields. In addition, many international organizations gather in Switzerland, which is the unique advantage of Switzerland. He said that although Switzerland and China differ greatly in land area, the two countries have a lot in common and maintain very friendly relations. The mutual trust between Switzerland and China has laid a good foundation for bilateral cooperation. On this basis, the two sides can further strengthen cooperation in finance, technology development and insurance. Maurer has visited China many times. Speaking of his impression of China, he said that China is a great country with a unique history of development, and he deeply admired the great achievements China has made in recent years. The people of Switzerland and China have a lot in common. For example, the people of the two countries are very humble and hardworking. Every time they visit China, the Chinese people leave a very good impression on him. In recent years, high-level exchanges between China and Switzerland have been frequent. The two sides have signed many agreements and held several rounds of formal dialogue. “I feel that as soon as we shake hands, we can make an agreement to do something.” Maurer said.

(editor in charge: Miao Su)


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