One belt, one road, Hu Jinsheng, President of Singapore Chamber of Commerce in China., China, one belt, one road, April, 22, April (Fan Wei), the second China’s “one belt and one way” summit of international cooperation is coming. He said that “one belt, one road” has won popularity among the people. The chamber of Commerce has always adhered to the idea of culture promoting commerce, promoting culture through business, and building a platform for cooperation between new and Chinese enterprises. One belt, one road, Hu Jinsheng, President of Singapore Chamber of Commerce in China., President of China Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, Hu Jinsheng. Photo by Fan Wei according to Hu Jinsheng, China Chamber of Commerce in Singapore will soon lead its member enterprises to participate in the “Silk Road three countries Tour” held in June this year. The activity started in Xinjiang, China, through Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. One belt, one road one belt, one road has been popular for one time. One belt, one road, the international cooperation summit has been popular for 2 years. However, in order to let Singapore enterprises understand its connotation, we need to lead them into the countries and regions along the “one belt” road, so that they can understand and understand the cultural and business environment in different places. “It’s better to travel thousands of miles than to read thousands of books. Although these countries are quite far away from Singapore, they also have the culture and business opportunities that attract us to explore.” Hu said. Turning to one belt, one road, one belt, one road, the second International Forum on cooperation and development, Hu Jinsheng hopes that more business and cultural inspiration can be created among enterprises, and that we can understand the needs of different countries, complement each other’s advantages and complement each other’s strengths, and further guide overseas enterprises to understand and participate in the “one belt and one road” initiative. He is more looking forward to introducing more favorable financial policies for overseas enterprises and exploring how to better support foreign-funded enterprises from the financial aspect. In recent years, the member enterprises of China Chamber of Commerce in Singapore have carried out cooperation with China in logistics, food industry, construction and other fields. He hoped that under the new opportunities of the new channel of international land and sea trade, Singapore enterprises could expand new areas of cooperation and tap new business opportunities by analyzing the population and market in Western China. He believes that although the opportunities in Western China are great, the leading enterprises on this road will also face many difficulties. He hopes that the new channel can also make the capital operation more smooth. “China’s western region has natural resource advantages. Singapore is connected with Europe and even the world, and has the advantages of economic and trade exchanges and financial cooperation, thus forming a complementary relationship. It is hoped that Singapore enterprises can bring the products of Western China to western countries, and also bring the advantageous products of western countries back to China. Only two-way connectivity is the real connectivity. ” Hu said.

(editor in charge: Miao Su)


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