Up against the trend! Global electric vehicle sales increased 43% last year

According to the guardian website on January 19, despite the outbreak, global electric vehicle sales accelerated last year. In 2020, covid-19 sales increased 43% to about 3000000 vehicles, although global auto sales fell by 1/5 during the new crown epidemic. According to the report, Tesla is the brand with the largest sales volume of electric vehicles, delivering nearly 500000 vehicles, followed by Volkswagen. Sales of electric vehicles in Europe have more than doubled, according to data released today on the website of the Swedish based consultancy electric vehicle database. Pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles account for 4.2% of global vehicle sales, up from 2.5% in 2019. Victor iller, a sales and marketing analyst at the website, said the government’s emission reduction policies are driving the increase in sales, but a key factor is that electric vehicles are indeed a better technology. The report points out that from March to June 2020, at the peak of the implementation of the anti epidemic blockade measures, the sales volume of electric vehicles is indeed lower than that of the same period in 2019, but after that, the sales volume of electric vehicles has recovered strongly, and by December, the sales volume has reached twice the level of December 2019. Many governments have set specific dates for halting sales of fossil fuel vehicles in the next decade or so. Mr. iller said part of the reason for the surge in car sales in the European market may be that in 2020, car manufacturers will have to meet the EU’s emission targets, and they may spend more effort to increase sales of low emission vehicles than in 2019. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is likely to help manufacturers survive the relatively high price of electric vehicles. “Cheap cars are always the hardest hit [in recessions], because it’s not usually high-income people who buy them,” iller added The report also pointed out that in 2021, there are about 150 new pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles on the market. ‘This shows that electric vehicle sales will continue to grow in 2021, ‘Mr. iller said. According to the website, the five countries with the highest sales of electric vehicles are China (1.3 million), Germany (400000), the United States (300000), France and the United Kingdom (200000).

(editor in charge: Zhu Xiaohang)


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