Google will pay French publishers for news content

Paris, January 21 (Xinhua) the French press Federation (apig), which is composed of nearly 300 French press and publishing institutions, and Google of the United States jointly issued a press release on the 21st, saying that after months of negotiations, the two sides have reached a framework agreement on the issue of neighboring right payment under relevant French laws. According to the communique, on the basis of reflecting the content of French laws, Google and apig members will negotiate a separate authorization agreement under this framework agreement in the future. Google will pay each news publishing agency that has signed the agreement according to its contribution to political news and comprehensive news, the amount of information released every day and the popularity of the Internet every month. According to French media reports, due to the amount of confidential, Google will pay the amount is unknown. In September 2018, despite strong opposition from Internet companies, the European Parliament voted to pass the much watched copyright reform bill. Article 11 of the bill gives news and publishing organizations a new right called neighboring right. Specifically, if search engines, social networks and other Internet companies display part of the content (including links, titles and abstracts) produced by the press and publication organization on their web pages, the press and publication organization can claim the Internet company to pay the fee according to this claim. On July 23, 2019, the French parliament voted to pass the bill on the establishment of neighboring rights, becoming the first EU country to pass relevant laws. Due to the dispute between Google and apig on the issue of neighboring right payment, the French General Administration of competition affairs ordered the two sides to negotiate in April last year; in October, the Paris court of Appeal ruled that the resolution of the General Administration of competition was valid, forcing the two sides to negotiate on this issue.

(editor in charge: Zhu Xiaohang)


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