France starts 1.8 billion euro national investment plan for quantum technology

Paris, January 22 (Xinhua) French President Marcon announced the launch of a national investment plan for quantum technology with a total investment of 1.8 billion euros (1 euro is about 7.86 yuan), which will be used to develop quantum computers, quantum sensors and quantum communications in the next five years, and promote the development of related industries, according to a communique issued by the French National Center for scientific research on the 21st Education and training. The 1.8 billion euro will be invested jointly by state and social capital, the communique said. According to French media reports, makron said in a speech at the center for nanoscience and nanotechnology of the University of Sacramento in Paris on the 21st that he hoped that through this national investment plan, France would have the opportunity to become “the first country with a complete prototype of a general quantum computer.”. Makron said that in order to avoid over dependence on other countries in the field of quantum technology, it is very important for France to take full control of the value chain of quantum technology for it to carry out relevant research, ensure its proprietary technology and industrial autonomy.

(editor in charge: He Xin)


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