Unswervingly advancing the anti-corruption struggle — Studying and implementing the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech at the five plenary session of the nineteen Central Commission for Discipline Inspection

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, January 24: Topic: unswervingly advancing the anti-corruption struggle — learning and implementing the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech at the five plenary session of the nineteen Central Commission for Discipline Inspection

Xinhua News Agency commentator

“Unswervingly push forward the anti-corruption struggle, and constantly realize the strategic goal of not daring to corrupt, not corrupt, and not wanting to corrupt.” General secretary Xi Jinping expounded profoundly the new tasks and requirements of the anti-corruption struggle in the new situation at the five plenary session of the nineteen Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, and pointed out the direction of practice for further promoting the party’s work style and anti-corruption work and anti-corruption struggle.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the construction of the party’s style of work and the fight against corruption have made historic achievements, but we must also be aware that corruption, the biggest risk of the party’s governance, still exists. The severe and complex situation of intertwined political and economic problems, intertwined traditional and new corruption, intertwined corruption and unhealthy tendencies warns us that corruption and anti-corruption struggle have existed for a long time. If we slacken a little, we may lose all our previous achievements. We have no choice in anti-corruption. We must know the difficulties and move forward. We must persistently adhere to the strict main tone for a long time, so as to treat both the symptoms and the root causes systematically The idea is to rectify the wind, eliminate discipline and fight against corruption, and promote the party’s ability of self purification, self-improvement, self innovation and self-improvement.

It is not only the basic principle of anti-corruption struggle, but also an important strategy of comprehensively and strictly governing the party in the new era. It embodies a profound insight into the mechanism of corruption, the law of governing the party and the current situation and tasks. Dare not corrupt, can not corrupt, do not want to corrupt, both have their own emphasis, and complement each other, is an organic whole of mutual integration and interaction. In order to avoid corruption, prevent corruption and avoid corruption, it is necessary to make overall plans and make concerted efforts to form a superimposed effect and enhance the overall effect.

In order to promote corruption in an integrated way, we need to strengthen comprehensive management and form a joint force against corruption. As for the problem of corruption, we must adopt the attitude of zero tolerance, the determination to take strong medicine, and the courage to scrape the bone and cure the poison, so as to fight against corruption and eliminate corruption, and form a strong deterrent against corruption. At the same time, we should integrate the rectification of the wind, the elimination of discipline, the deepening of reform, the improvement of the system, and the promotion of governance, make good use of the “four forms”, and give full play to the effects of punishment and deterrence, punishment and rescue, and education and alertness.

Little wisdom governs affairs, great wisdom governs system. The essence of corruption is the abuse of power. In the fight against corruption, we must strengthen the system construction and the restriction and supervision of power operation. The key is to make up for the shortcomings of the system and tighten the cage of the system. We should plan, deploy and implement the anti-corrosion measures and reform measures together, promote the reform of supervision mechanism in key areas, and improve the systems in all aspects. We should focus on the key point of power operation and supervision, build a full coverage responsibility system and supervision system, take inner-party supervision as the leading, constantly improve the power supervision system and discipline enforcement system, and form a normal and long-term supervision force.

It is an important foundation to push forward in an integrated way, not to be corrupt, not to be corrupt, not to want to be corrupt, to strengthen ideals and beliefs, and to build a solid ideological dam. The ideal landslide is the most fatal landslide, and the belief vacillation is the most dangerous one. We should pay attention to consolidating the foundation and cultivating the talents, and cultivate the soil that we don’t want to corrupt. By strengthening the transformation of the subjective world, we should guide the majority of Party members and cadres to build a solid foundation of belief, supplement the calcium of spirit, and stabilize the rudder of thought, so as to promote the governance of corruption from the source. Leading cadres at all levels should always keep a clear mind of “rushing for exams”, keep alert of “corrosion” and “hunting”, take the lead in abiding by Party discipline and state law, consciously oppose the idea and phenomenon of privilege, take the lead in running the family incorruptedly, strictly control the family members, children and staff around them, always self-respect, self-examination, self-warning, self encouragement, self-care and self-discipline, and truly be a person with firm political belief and discipline I understand people. [editor: Chen Haifeng]


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