US media: new covid-19 epidemic has been a business hit or a few years’ experience

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, January 23 (Xinhua) reference news recently published an article from the website of the Wall Street Journal of the United States, “new crown’s impact on business travel may last for several years.”. The summary of the article is as follows: the new coronavirus pandemic has caused a permanent blow to business travel, which may affect the employment and economic growth of some communities in the next few years. In addition to hitting airlines, hotels, travel agencies and car rental companies, the decline in business travel has also affected the entire ecosystem of related industries, including airport stores, urban bars and restaurants, construction companies, entertainment companies, taxi drivers and aircraft parts manufacturers. According to the American Tourist Association, in 2019, domestic and international business travelers in the United States directly spent $334.2 billion, supporting 2.5 million jobs. Last spring, when covid-19 measures were launched to curb the spread of new crown disease, businesses were forced to make adjustments to sell products and hold board meetings in video conferencing rather than on-site visits, and to adapt to virtual training and network communication. In addition, some companies affected by the epidemic are cutting travel budgets to make up for the loss of revenue. Delta’s chief executive, ed Bastian, said recently that according to the results of a customer survey, business travel will return to about 70% of the pre epidemic level by 2023. “Our assessment is that by the end of 2021, the domestic business may decline by 50% to 60%,” Gary Kelly, chief executive of Southwest Airlines, said at a recent industry conference Unemployment is already a serious problem. The U.S. Department of labor says about one million travel related jobs have been lost since February last year.

(editor in charge: He Xin)


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