Boeing 737 Max’s first go around flight to Canada was temporarily cancelled due to failure

A Boeing 737 Max airliner from Canada’s WestJet Airlines was temporarily cancelled due to a fault when it was ready to take off on the 23rd local time. The flight number 658 is the first flight of Boeing 737 max series aircraft since it was approved to go around in Canada, so it has attracted much attention. The plane was scheduled to fly from Calgary, Canada, to Toronto, but a warning light was on just before it took off. Lauren steward, a spokesperson for Western jet, said: “after the engine is properly ignited, the aircraft’s monitoring system performs a standard functional check, indicating that there is a potential error that needs to be verified and reset.” Because the process of finding the error takes some time, the airline said that it could not let the passengers sit on the plane to complete the relevant inspection, so it decided to cancel flight 658 and flight 665 on the return journey, and provided another Boeing 787 to Toronto for the passengers within an hour. Xijie Airlines said that they then checked the Boeing 737 Max and eliminated the relevant faults. Now they are ready to let the plane fly the same flight on the 24th. (CCTV reporter Zhang SEN)

(editor in charge: Miao Su)


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