[fight against new coronal pneumonia] Israel’s rapid vaccination is effective, and the infection rate of the elderly drops 60%

[fight against new coronal pneumonia] Israel's rapid vaccination is effective, and the infection rate of the elderly drops 60% ● the infection rate of the elderly in Israel has been greatly reduced after vaccination

The world’s first mass vaccination of minors

Israel is one of the countries with the fastest progress in the world of new coronavirus vaccination. A local Research Institute reported on Friday that among the elderly over 60 years old who have been vaccinated with Pfizer and biontech vaccines, the number of new coronavirus cases has decreased by more than 60%, and the number of hospitalized cases has also decreased by about 60%, indicating that the vaccine may really have a protective effect in actual use. However, the report stressed that, Until more detailed research results are available, vaccinated people should continue to take preventive measures, including virus testing and isolation when necessary.

Since the start of vaccination in Israel on December 19 last year, 2.5 million people out of 9 million people have been vaccinated with the first dose of vaccine, with the vaccination rate as high as 38.8%, and 900000 people have completed two injections.

The demand for hospitalization decreased greatly, and the R value finally fell below 1

The KSM research center of Maccabi, a medical group, analyzed 50, According to the data of 777 elderly people over 60 who received two doses of the vaccine between December 19 and 24, the average number of confirmed cases dropped to 6.3 in 7 days after the first dose of the vaccine (2 days after the second dose of the vaccine), which was more than 60% less than 18.3 in the peak period of infection in 13 days after the first dose of the vaccine; compared with the same period data of elderly people over 60 who did not receive the vaccine, the number of infected cases also declined By more than 60%.

In addition, among the vaccinated elderly over 60 years old, the average number of hospitalized patients 23 days after the first dose also dropped to 0.5, a 60% drop within the same group.

The basic number of new coronavirus infections (R0) in Israel fell to 0.99 on Thursday, which is the first time that the R value has fallen below 1 since the start of the vaccination program, indicating that the epidemic situation has been controlled to a certain extent. The R value represents how many people can be infected by each patient, and less than 1 represents that the infection is under control. The R value of Israel once rose to 1.3 on December 11. The local health department believes that the decline of R value is related to the start of vaccination Vaccine and the third closure of the city.

Helping students return to school

Israel began to extend its vaccination program to minors the day before yesterday, which is believed to be the first in the world. Teenagers aged 16 to 18 in Israel can receive the first dose of vaccine with the consent of their parents. The authorities hope that students can return to school as soon as possible after the injection and take the university entrance examination as scheduled. ● comprehensive report

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