Five charges for threatening to assassinate Democratic congressman

A man in Texas faces five criminal charges for threatening to kill Democratic congressman okashio Cortez (AOC) after breaking into Congress and posting on a social networking site during a congressional riot.

Miller, 34, was arrested on Friday and will face five charges, including breaking into Congress illegally, making threatening remarks and misbehaving. On the day of the Congress riots, Miller posted a number of photos and videos on social networking sites, calling on the protestors to use violence and publicly saying “we will come with guns next time”. Miller later threatened to “kill AOC” on Twitter and said to shoot The Congressional police who shot one of the thugs “should die.”.

Miller posted a self portrait of Congress on Facebook and wrote, “I just want to make it easier for me to be convicted.” AOC later responded, “you made it.”

Miller’s lawyer said by e-mail the day before yesterday that Miller regretted his behavior, admitted that he had used improper methods to support former president trump, and promised that he would not commit it again in the future, hoping that the police would withdraw the charges against him

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