Resurgence of “Soviet independence” and illegal referendum brewing in Northern Ireland

More than half of voters in Scotland and Northern Ireland support an independence referendum in the next five years, with more Scottish voters supporting independence than opposing it, according to a poll released by the Sunday Times yesterday. The Scottish National Party (SNP), led by Scottish chief minister Jacques Shi Yaqing, said on Friday that once it wins the local election in May this year, it will be the first time for Scotland to vote for independence The election will ignore the opposition of the London government and launch an illegal referendum, so that British Prime Minister Johnson must respond.

About 2400 people in Northern Ireland and 1, Of the 200 Scottish voters, 51% and 50% respectively support holding a referendum in the next five years to decide whether Northern Ireland will merge with Ireland and whether Scotland will leave the UK. 49% of the respondents support Scottish independence, which is 5 percentage points more than those who oppose it. 42% of the respondents support Northern Ireland’s merger with Ireland, which is lower than 47% of those who stay in the UK. However, 11% of the respondents are still undecided.

The survey also found that 42% of Scottish respondents believed that independent Scotland could better cope with the epidemic. 64% of respondents were dissatisfied with Johnson’s anti epidemic performance, while only 22% were satisfied. On the contrary, 61% of respondents were satisfied with Shi Yaqing’s anti epidemic performance, and only 25% were dissatisfied. The poll also showed that SNP is expected to expand its seat advantage in local elections

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