British Department of trade advocates moving to EU

British Department of trade advocates moving to EU ● the situation after brexit and Johnson’s declared vision are “wrong”. The picture shows the streets of London. Reuters

The vision goods do not do for the survival stir fry the British staff

Since the United Kingdom completely separated from the European Union on New Year’s day, the customs clearance procedures for British goods exported to Europe have greatly increased, and exporters have been complaining. It is reported that experts from the Department of international trade recently contacted small and medium-sized exporters, and even suggested that they register new companies in the European Union, so as to bypass the red tape and tax issues. Some enterprises have listened to the suggestions, and therefore plan to reduce the number of British exporters The incident has made the outside world question once again the significance of brexit. In particular, the current situation is “wrong” with the vision declared by Prime Minister Johnson’s administration all the time. The impact on enterprises is actually much more serious.

For many years, the brexit faction headed by Johnson claimed that Britain could regain its sovereignty after brexit and would no longer be restricted by EU regulations. As a result, British enterprises could make great efforts to enter the global market and create a new economic peak. However, since new year’s day, the benefits of brexit have not appeared. On the contrary, there are more and more complaints from all walks of life. Due to the increased customs clearance procedures for brexit, the export of goods is getting worse The export of seafood to the European Union was seriously hindered, and the fishing industry, which Johnson listed as the priority object of assistance in the brexit negotiations, was the first to bear the brunt. Many seafood stinked and rotted on the way to Europe because they didn’t have time to transport to Europe, and suffered heavy losses.

At present, if British enterprises want to export goods to Europe, they need to fill in a large number of customs clearance documents. For example, fresh food for export needs relevant health certificates, which leads to a lot of costs and greatly prolongs the customs clearance time. It is reported that when many British exporters seek help from the Department of international trade recently, the authorities suggest that they set up companies in the EU to export goods from the UK to Europe as EU enterprises Europe, in order to avoid the relevant procedures and charges.

300 yuan handling charge 1900 yuan

Cheshire Cheese Company, headquartered in Cheshire, is one of the companies that have followed the advice of the authorities and started to move to Europe. Last year, the company exported about 180000 pounds (about 1.91 million Hong Kong dollars) of cheese to Europe. According to sperrell, the head of the company, since brexit, the company has exported about 30 pounds (about 318 Hong Kong dollars) of cheese gift boxes to Europe, They have to pay 180 pounds (about 1909 Hong Kong dollars) to apply for veterinary health certificate. After the company asked the Department of international trade for help, the other party suggested that they set up a logistics center in Europe to distribute goods directly.

Move from UK to EU

Sperrell said the company intends to give up the construction of a 1 million pound (about 1, 20 to 30 positions will be cancelled. Instead, the company will open a logistics center in France. At that time, it will hire French employees and pay taxes to the European Union. Sperrell, who had been very optimistic about the prospect of brexit, said frankly, “I left the European Union as a British citizen, but now they even suggest that I return to Europe What is the reason for leaving Europe? “

Horizon retail marketing based on European market Solutions is also planning to set up a branch in the Netherlands. As a result, it is necessary to reduce the number of staff in the UK headquarters and employ people in the Netherlands instead. The head of the Department said that experts from the Department of international trade believe that this is the only way to bypass the EU customs clearance procedures. He said that brexit does not mean “taking back control from the EU”, but “investing in the EU for survival” Comprehensive report

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