Luxurious life lost 500 million a night

Xie Zhile, a Chinese drug lord known as “Asian gusman”, was arrested in the Netherlands. Although his drug trafficking syndicate was accused of controlling the drug market in the Asia Pacific region, the outside world did not know much about him. In the past, there were reports that he lived in luxury and lost 66 million US dollars (about 510 million Hong Kong dollars) in a casino one night.

It is reported that Xie Zhile was born in the “big circle Gang” in Guangdong Province. He emigrated from the mainland to Hong Kong in his early years, and then to Canada. According to a Reuters survey in 2019, Xie Zhile made a lot of money by drug trafficking, went to and from various places by private jet, and often held luxurious parties. He lingered in different 5-star resorts and casinos in Asia. He once lost 6 yuan a night in Macao casinos, Six million dollars, with a number of Muay Thai players around for a long time.

Xie Zhile was sentenced in the United States in 1998 for drug trafficking. After his release, he continued to establish a drug kingdom in Asia, forming an alliance with gangs in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. The scale of the drug trafficking group quadrupled in five years, and he also had contacts with criminal organizations in Japan, Thailand and Australia. The report quoted police sources from many places as saying that Xie Zhile had been hiding in Taiwan since the law enforcement agencies of many countries issued a wanted warrant in 2019. Comprehensive report

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