British enterprises fall into the sequela of brexit

Overseas network, January 24 (Xinhua) according to the British “Guardian” on the 23rd, since brexit on January 1, British foreign trade enterprises have to face additional tax burden and approval license. Therefore, British international trade officials privately suggested to British export enterprises that they can avoid border problems and corresponding value-added tax by registering new companies in the EU. It is reported that two British enterprises have decided to register new companies in the EU, but many small and medium-sized enterprises have not yet made a decision. The head of a UK sales company for EU consumers said it was a last resort, and it also meant laying off some UK employees and re employing them in EU countries. However, he also said that this can indeed avoid time delays caused by cross-border and reduce transportation costs. So far, the UK International Trade Department has not commented on this. (overseas website Wang Xiaoyu)

(editor in charge: Fu Zhongming)


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