“Seize development opportunities and seek greater cooperation”

“The Chinese government has taken a series of scientific and effective measures and made outstanding achievements in coordinating epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, which is worth learning from.” Meng Haowen, senior vice president and chief executive officer of the Asia Pacific region of Saint Gobain group of France, said in an interview with our reporter a few days ago that in the face of severe challenges, China’s economy has shown great resilience and vitality and will play a more important role in promoting the process of global economic recovery and development.

Saint Gobain group is engaged in the design, production and sales of high-performance materials. Its main products include construction products, flat glass, abrasive tools, etc. Saint Gobain has been deeply engaged in the Chinese market for more than 30 years. At present, it has set up nearly 50 factories in China with more than 8000 employees. Meng Haowen said that the Asia Pacific region is the fastest growing region in Saint Gobain’s international business, and the contribution of the Chinese market is particularly prominent. “China’s economy took the lead in recovery, and market demand accelerated to rise. Since September last year, our business in China has achieved double-digit growth, and China has become the only regional market in the company’s global business layout to achieve growth. “

In Meng Haowen’s view, China’s adherence to innovation driven high-quality development provides guarantee for foreign enterprises such as Saint Gobain to increase innovation investment. Saint Gobain Shanghai R & D center is one of the eight diversified R & D centers of Saint Gobain group in the world. It develops dozens of new products every year, and many technologies are leading the world in the industry. “A number of R & D achievements in China have also been promoted through other companies around the world in Saint Gobain, so that the world can see the strength created by China.”

After 11 years of working and living in China, Meng Haowen personally felt the efforts and achievements of China in strengthening ecological and environmental protection. China has issued laws and regulations on environmental protection, improved the environmental protection standards of building materials, encouraged the use of sound insulation and heat preservation materials, strengthened supervision, strictly managed waste, sewage and toxic materials, and trained constructors to enhance their environmental protection awareness. “In order to effectively respond to global climate change, China has repeatedly enhanced its national independent contribution, demonstrating China’s responsibility as a responsible power.” Meng Haowen said that China will accelerate the development of new energy, green environmental protection and other industries to promote green development. Saint Gobain is taking a series of measures to improve energy efficiency. “I believe that Saint Gobain’s green innovation technology will continue to contribute to China’s green development.”

Meng Haowen said that China’s implementation of high-level opening-up, promotion of high-quality economic development, and substantial reduction of the negative list of foreign investment access have further strengthened Saint Gobain’s confidence in deeply exploring the Chinese market and driving global business growth. “China is speeding up the construction of a new development pattern, paying more attention to quality, innovation and technological upgrading in economic and social development, and constantly meeting people’s yearning for a better life. We will seize development opportunities and seek greater cooperation. “

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