Guterres welcomed the US and Russia seeking to extend the new START treaty

According to Xinhua news agency, United Nations, January 22 (reporter Shang Xuqian) – U.N. Secretary General Guterres welcomed the U.S. and Russia’s seeking to extend the new START treaty for five years on the 22nd.

At a regular press conference on February 22, U.N. Secretary General spokesperson diyaric said that Guterres encouraged the United States and Russia to take prompt action to complete the extension procedure of the new START treaty before its expiration on February 5 this year, and to start new arms control negotiations as soon as possible.

US White House press secretary pusaki said on the 21st that the US side is seeking to extend the upcoming new START treaty for five years. Peskov, press secretary of the Russian President, said on the 22nd that Russia welcomes the political will of the United States to extend the new START treaty.

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