Chinese electric buses are popular in Latin America

BYD, a Chinese car maker, has won two new orders for 1002 electric buses in Bogota, Colombia. Previously, 120 electric buses manufactured by BYD have been put into use in Bogota (see the figure above, provided by BYD), and another 350 are planned to be put into operation in the first quarter of this year. So far, BYD has received nearly 1500 orders in Bogota.

It is reported that after the delivery of these BYD electric vehicles, they will be put into operation in 34 bus lines in five areas of Bogota, providing green travel services for people along the line, which can effectively improve the local air quality.

BYD will also cooperate with Columbia bus manufacturers to assemble the body parts of these electric buses. Maria Ortiz, head of Bogota’s public transport administration, said that the assembly of electric bus bodies in Colombia is conducive to driving the local industrial development and creating jobs for the community, “not only improving the quality of transport services and reducing carbon emissions to improve the environment, but also making positive contributions to the national economic development.”.

According to reports, BYD’s electric bus, which was put into operation before, includes two models of 12 meter long and 9 meter long, with a passenger capacity of 80 and 50 respectively, and a single charging range of more than 300 km, which can fully meet the daily operation demand. The inside of the electric bus is also equipped with driving area safety protection isolation facilities, safety cameras, intelligent public transportation system, etc. At the same time, car TV, wireless network, mobile phone charging interface and disabled auxiliary system also enhance the ride experience.

Ricardo, President of selcia, a Columbia renewable energy company, who participated in the procurement of electric buses, said: “Bogota actively introduces electric buses, which provides a reference for many cities seeking to build a zero emission public transportation system. Bogota citizens will experience the unique charm of electric buses.” Zhang Chunxiang, regional director of BYD Latin America, expressed the hope that Latin American China cooperation will further promote the rapid development of green transportation in Latin America.

At present, BYD new energy vehicles have entered Chile, Ecuador, Brazil, Costa Rica, Colombia, Uruguay, Argentina and other Latin American countries.

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