The lowest since World War II! French media: epidemic causes “baby shortage” in France

Original title: lowest since World War II! French media: the epidemic has caused a “baby shortage” in France. A total of 740000 babies were born in France last year

[Global Times comprehensive report] a total of 740000 babies will be born in France in 2020, the lowest since the Second World War, according to French 24-hour television on the 22nd.

According to the latest statistics of the French National Institute of statistics and economics, in 2020, the fertility rate in France will drop from 1.86 children per woman in 2019 to 1.84, the lowest level since 1945. France, which had thought that the epidemic blockade would trigger a “baby boom”, suddenly encountered a “baby shortage”, which surprised the French who have been the “fertility champion” in Europe for many years.

Experts believe that a variety of reasons have led to the low fertility rate: uncertainty and pressure from the new environment have made people delay their plans to have children; single people are more difficult to meet partners because of the blockade; unable to get married during the first blockade, and forced closure of delivery clinics have also aggravated the “baby shortage”. A survey shows that 50.7% of couples of child-bearing age in Europe postpone their child-bearing plans and 17.3% give up their child-bearing plans completely due to the epidemic.

Life expectancy in France fell by five months (85.2 years) for women and six months (79.2 years) for men last year, the report said. The decline of birth rate and the rise of death rate reduced the population situation of France to the “worst situation” after World War II last year. (Pan Liang)


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