Japanese media: new US Defense Minister advocates strengthening US Japan Alliance

According to Kyodo News Agency report on January 24 in Tokyo, Japanese Defense Minister Shinzo Hamada held a telephone conversation with new defense secretary Lloyd & middot; Austin of the US Biden administration on January 24. The two sides agreed to continue to strengthen the Japan US alliance.

Kishino told reporters after the call that during the talks, the defense ministers of the two countries reconfirmed that Diaoyu Island and its affiliated islands are the applicable objects of Article 5 of the Japan US security treaty. According to the provisions of the article, the United States has the obligation to protect Japan when it is attacked by force.

According to the report, the two sides also reached an agreement on promoting the complete, verifiable and irreversible abandonment of North Korea’s nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.

After the start of Biden administration, it is the first time for Japanese and American cabinet members to communicate with each other. Austin, who just became U.S. Defense Secretary on Friday, said he attached great importance to the Indo Pacific region. How he will face China will become the focus.

The defense ministry said Kishino and Austin agreed that the Japan US alliance plays a key role in achieving regional stability. Both sides also believe that it is necessary to cooperate with different partners inside and outside the region to safeguard and strengthen the freedom and openness of the Indo Pacific region.

As for the talks with Kishino, Austin tweeted: “we have carried out consultations on a firm and firm Japan US alliance and cooperation in the Indo Pacific region aimed at maintaining freedom and openness. ”

According to the report, the two sides agreed to reach an agreement quickly during the Japan US talks on deciding the financial burden of the US military presence in Japan after 2021. The two agreed that under the increasingly severe security environment around Japan, the rapid response of the US forces in Japan is very important.


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