Korean media: the new US defense minister reiterated that the ROK US alliance is invincible

Seoul, January 24 (Yonhap) – South Korea’s defense ministry said on the 24th that Defense Minister Xu Xu had a telephone conversation with Austin, the new defense minister of the Biden administration, reiterating that the ROK-U.S. alliance is invincible and that the defense departments of the two countries will continue to maintain close cooperation.

South Korea’s defense ministry said that in view of the importance of the ROK US alliance, the US side made a call request. Austin commented on the phone that the South Korea US alliance is the key to peace and stability in Northeast Asia, and is also the most exemplary alliance. In the future, the two sides will further consolidate the alliance and maintain close cooperation.

The defense ministers of the two countries agreed that considering the regional situation including the Korean Peninsula, cooperation between the two countries is more important than ever. In order to develop the ROK-U.S. alliance into a mutually reinforcing and future oriented alliance, the two sides will sincerely communicate with each other on issues of common concern at any time. The two also reached a consensus on meeting as soon as possible to accumulate mutual trust and friendship and exchange in-depth views on various issues, the Ministry said.

Austin was the first African American Defense Secretary of the United States. He said at the nomination hearing that he would reach an agreement with South Korea on defense cost sharing negotiations as soon as possible.


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