France may face the third “closure” to further strengthen the control of epidemic prevention

Paris novel coronavirus pneumonia (Xinhua Li Yang) January (Xinhua) 24 new French crown pneumonia epidemic situation has shown a worsening trend recently, experts and public opinion that France may face third “city closure”. France further strengthened entry control on the 24th.

France may face the third

France may need to take a new round of “city closures” measures to curb the spread of the mutated new coronavirus, chairman of the French official scientific committee to deal with the epidemic said on the evening of the 24th. He believes that general epidemic prevention measures can no longer effectively prevent and control the mutated virus.

Delfrasi warned that the proportion of people infected with the mutated virus in some areas of France, especially in Paris, has reached 7% to 9%. He pointed out that the next week is crucial for the prevention and control of the epidemic, and the issue to be considered at present should be the strength of “city closure”.

French “Sunday” quoted government sources as saying on the 24th that in order to deal with the mutated virus, French President Nicolas macarone may announce the third “closure” next week, and people will resume carrying travel certificates when they go out.

French government spokesman atar responded that the government has not yet made a decision on the implementation of the third “closure”. French officials plan to hold another meeting of the National Defense Commission next week to discuss the epidemic situation, especially to assess whether the extended curfew period can effectively control the epidemic.

France implemented the second nationwide “city closure” at the end of October last year. Although the “city closure” was launched a month later, many control measures have been retained so far, such as the closure of museums, theatres, cinemas and other cultural places, and the resumption of restaurants, bars, cafes and other catering places. Meanwhile, the daily curfew in France has been extended to 12 hours.

France on the 24th to further strengthen the control of entry epidemic prevention, entry from the EU countries in France must produce a virus test negative certificate. France has previously required people entering France from outside the European Union to produce a negative virus test certificate.

According to the French Transport Department, people who arrive in France by air or sea from EU countries are required to show their virus test negative certificates within 72 hours; for people from EU countries who enter France by land, the official will randomly check their virus test negative certificates.

According to the latest official epidemic data, 18436 new cases were confirmed in France on the 24th, with a total of 3053617 confirmed cases; the total number of deaths is 73049, with 172 new deaths. (end)


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