More than 240 people arrested in anti blockade processions in Holland

More than 240 people across the country were arrested in protest against the government’s curfew and anti epidemic blockade measures in many cities in the Netherlands on the 24th local time.

Wpap6021602 img shows a burned down new coronal pneumonia detection facility. (AP)

In Amsterdam, the capital, the protestors gathered in a square. Some of them threw stones and fireworks, which were dispersed by police with pepper spray, water cannon cars and police dogs. In the southern city of Eindhoven, the protestors set fire in the center of the city and threw stones at police officers. The main railway station was covered with stones, damaged bicycles and glass fragments.

Riot police officers were stationed in 10 cities across the country, and military and police officers were deployed to assist the two southern cities in response to the demonstrations. The Minister of justice condemned the use of violence against police officers, journalists and volunteers as a crime.

At present, more than 940000 people in the Netherlands have been diagnosed with new coronal pneumonia and more than 135000 people have died. In response to the epidemic, the government imposed a curfew on Saturday night and banned residents from going out from 9 pm to 4:30 AM the next day. On Saturday, 25 people were arrested for violating the curfew.

Editor in charge: Lin Wei


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