Do you want to return to business or politics? Trump’s choice stirs America

[Global Times special correspondent in the United States Liang Yanlin day, Global Times reporter Li Sikun Ding Yuqing] “the movement we started has just begun” “we will return in some form” In the two farewell speeches before leaving the White House, former US President trump seemed to have another mystery, but until now, his future planning is still a mystery. 4 years ago novel coronavirus pneumonia was the first time that Trump was admitted to the White House as a billionaire. However, his business empire was hit by the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Because he refused to admit defeat, many partners openly made it “cut”. The years in the White House are over and a new life begins. But from being banned by social media, to facing a series of legal and financial challenges, to impeachment, the new beginning is obviously not good. In the future, how will trump choose to return to the business world and maintain his own business Kingdom, or not be reconciled to such a situation in the political arena and continue to stir up the situation in Washington? Can he make a comeback?

His business empire is “facing the darkest moment”

“Personally, I want to see him (trump) quit politics and return to business.” Scaramucci, who briefly served as the director of Trump’s White House communications office, said in an interview, Yahoo News reported on the 23rd. The report said that Trump’s return to the business world is now facing great challenges. In addition to the Manhattan district attorney general and the New York Attorney General investigating the trump group on tax and other issues, many of Trump’s resorts have suffered huge losses in the past year.

According to several US media reports, when trump leaves office, the trump group is facing a deepening crisis. According to the Washington Post, “the trump group is facing the darkest moment.”. Trump’s hotels, resorts and other properties lost more than $120 million in revenue last year, while the total revenue of the trump group fell more than 35% last year, according to the financial disclosure statement he submitted when he left office. According to the table covering 2020 and the first 20 days of 2021, Trump’s total revenue fell to between $273 million and $308 million.

Trump group’s three most important properties, hotels in Washington, D.C., Doral resort in Florida and Turnberry resort in Scotland, all saw a sharp drop in revenue, with total revenue falling from $149 million in 2019 to $71 million in 2020. Among them, the revenue of hotels in Washington fell by more than 60% last year, and the sales of Doral resort fell by 44%. The main reason for the loss was the long-term closure of these facilities due to the epidemic. In addition, trump faces more than $400 million in outstanding loans, including more than $290 million in loans to the Doral Resort and Washington Hotel.

To make matters worse, trump is facing more and more “cuts.”. Shopify, an e-commerce provider, said it had terminated the online stores associated with trump. The PGA announced the cancellation of a major event originally scheduled for may 2022 at trump owned New Jersey golf club. Trump was “intimidated” by the PGA decision because he had been pushing for it for years, according to people familiar with the matter. According to the latest financial report, golf clubs and resorts account for more than one-third of trump group’s revenue. PGA itself is not the main source of profit, but it has great value for marketing.

Similar moves are bigger in the financial sector. Deutsche Bank has been a major lender to trump’s family business for nearly 20 years, but shortly after the parliamentary riots on January 6, the bank decided not to do business with trump and his company. Trump currently owes Deutsche Bank more than $300 million, which is due in the next few years. Trump biographer de Antonio believes that trump will have to sell part of his real estate to repay Deutsche Bank’s debt.

Another longtime partner of the trump family, signature bank, made the same move, calling on trump to resign as president “in the best interests of the country and the American people.”. United Bank and professional bank also announced their separation from Trump.

“With the end of his presidency, trump is returning to a very different industry from when he took office.” According to the New York Times, several hotels named after trump have been removed from the portfolio, the plans of two budget hotels that trump group had given priority to have been shelved indefinitely, and the number of brands trump spoke for has decreased significantly. This damage will continue as companies and industries reassess their relationship with trump and his family business.

It’s not all bad news. Trump group’s industries also have bright spots, such as Haihu manor’s revenue increased by 13% last year. Sales of T-shirts, candles and other products bearing Trump’s name Its revenue doubled to $1.9 million, according to the company. In response to the current challenges, trump Group executives said they plan to use Trump’s global reputation to conduct overseas brand transactions. Eric trump, Trump’s son and one of the leaders of the trump group in the past four years, said the debt was “not worth mentioning.”.

As early as 2017, shortly after taking office in the White House, American media mentioned that trump group’s trademark registration is all over the world, with nearly 400 foreign trademarks registered in Trump’s name, involving more than 80 countries. Four years on, the relationship between Trump’s companies and foreign governments and enterprises has become more complicated. At home, trump has also established contacts with many companies and executives. Because of this, scaramucci mentioned above said that he did not think trump was bound to fail. “He is a man of great powers. Those who talk about his going out as a businessman should think back to his frequent bankruptcies in the 1990s, but he persisted and eventually succeeded.

“People from outside the political circle come and go”

On the evening of January 22, when attending a dinner at sea lake manor in Florida, trump was asked by a conservative media about his future plans. He replied, “we will make some moves, but not now.”. This is Trump’s first public appearance since he left the White House on the 20th.

From the White House back to sea lake manor these days, trump away from the spotlight, only in 21 and 22 was photographed playing golf. However, if he appears on the “screen” again recently, it should not be a good thing. In the week of February 8, the Senate will hold a public hearing on the impeachment case passed by the house of Representatives, and trump, as a defendant, can reasonably go to Congress to defend himself. Trump has sought help from South Carolina lawyer Paul, who often defends public officials in ethics cases, AP reported Tuesday.

“We’ll be back.” That’s what trump said in his last public address as president before leaving Washington on January 20. In the movie terminator, Schwarzenegger, who plays the leading character, once said such words and staged the story of “hero’s return” again and again. “Although trump promised a small group of supporters at the rally that he would return” in some form, “his future and the political movement that won him in 2016 are dark.” According to a BBC article.

Just over two months ago, despite his defeat in the general election, trump still seemed to have a strong power in American politics. But a few days after the riots in the U.S. Capitol, his overall public approval rating plummeted to the lowest in his entire term. Within the Republican Party, bigwigs also cut him. Former Senate Majority Leader McConnell criticized trump and others for inciting supporters and making them rush into the Capitol building for the first time on January 19. The next day, trump left the White House for a farewell party. His allies, House Republican leader McCarthy and McConnell did not attend. Instead, they accompanied Biden to the church. No wonder the Wall Street Journal said: “trump left Washington the way he entered Washington – coming and going from outside the political circle.”

Trump could be permanently banned from running for office if convicted in the Senate. But Biden, the new owner of the White House, doesn’t seem to want to chase trump. In the Senate, no Republican has publicly expressed support for impeachment. Even if Trump’s inner-party rivals, such as Romney, are “against the water”, Democrats are still unable to get the 67 support needed for impeachment.

After going through the impeachment, Trump’s business empire must be the one he needs to worry about most. When trump won the presidential election at the end of 2016, Forbes estimated his wealth at $3.7 billion, compared with the latest estimate of $2.5 billion. At present, it is unclear whether trump will return to the role of daily leadership of the company. On the trump group’s website, the company’s leader is still his two sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric trump.

Some commentators said that leaving the White House means that trump will no longer face moral restrictions such as the ban on international transactions and has the possibility of opening up new business. The trump group may look for new deals where the company believes trump is still popular, such as Brazil, Argentina, Israel, Saudi Arabia and India. One company executive said trump could also make a speech tour, which would pay off handsomely.

It is considered inevitable that trump will extend his hand to new areas. Trump is considering creating his own TV media group after stepping down to attract ultra conservative audiences. In recent months, he has begun to influence public opinion, such as criticizing the “ungrateful” right-wing media fox, which has long supported him. In addition, trump is also considering a more bold way to play – the formation of the “Patriot party.”.

It’s no surprise that trump is breeding this idea. Since he lost the election, the relationship between trump and the Republican Party builders has deteriorated rapidly. After failing to overturn the election results, trump stubbornly believed that the Republicans had abandoned him. As a matter of fact, trump has re recruited the old department. In addition to bringing his senior staff, Stephen Miller, to Florida, trump recently granted amnesty to former president national security assistant Flynn and former White House chief strategist Bannon, despite the opposition of his daughter and son-in-law.

Trump is pushing ahead with his party building plan and drawing up a list of “enemies” for some Republicans who will be targeted by the Patriot party in the 2022 mid-term elections, the daily mail of London reported Thursday. It is reported that trump has raised $70 million in activity funds.

Can trump plan a political comeback

“Trump will not create a third party, but he may split the Republican Party.” According to the New York Times, trump is almost certainly bluffing, because it takes a lot of work to build the infrastructure of the new political party and make it into the voting system of 50 states in the United States, which has never been Trump’s strong point. There is also a lack of rationality in doing so: for the Republican base of voters, trump is still the top choice for the 2024 presidential nomination. But that doesn’t mean that his move to discuss the proposal doesn’t matter. At present, one of the biggest doubts hanging over American politics is that trump will choose how to use the extraordinary power he has accumulated.

In the 2020 election, trump won about 75 million votes, the highest number of Republican presidential candidates ever. Even after the riots on Capitol Hill on January 6, there are still a large number of people loyal to him. CNN’s January 17 poll showed that 47% of Republican voters still think trump should continue to be regarded as the leader.

Sun Taiyi, assistant professor of the Department of political science at Christopher Newport University, told the global times that at this stage, trump is more likely to use the establishment of a new party as a bargaining chip in exchange for maintaining his power in the Republican Party. Because once the new party is established, it will lose both the Republican Party and Trump’s party. In a winner take all system, it is difficult for both parties to form a climate in the short term. This judgment comes from one of the few laws in political science, duvage’s law.

In 1992, US billionaire and independent candidate Ross Perot won nearly 19% of the popular vote, and is the third party presidential candidate who has won the most votes since Theodore Roosevelt. But he eventually won zero electoral votes, and because of the division of the votes of the old bush, resulting in the latter’s re-election failure. In 1912, Theodore Roosevelt broke away from the Republican Party and ran for the progressive party. He won 27% of the general election and 88 electoral college votes. But Woodrow Wilson, the Democratic Party candidate, won the final victory, and Roosevelt withdrew from politics.   

“Neither party will ignore the power of trump. Even if trump does not run for the election himself, someone will certainly raise the banner of” trumpism. “. The fight within the Republican Party will continue, but it’s hard to say who will be more powerful. ” Sun Taiyi said that this is also why McConnell will consider observing the impeachment trial in the Senate next month. If he thinks it’s time, he naturally hopes to push the boat forward and kick trump out of the Republican Party. If handled properly, it may give the Republican Party an opportunity to re integrate. However, if it is not handled properly, it may aggravate the right wing’s rebound and accelerate the division of the party.

At the same time, if trump has been impeached, he may also have to face the competition from his former allies and subordinates. Recently, Senator Cruz sent a signal to win the support of blue collar workers in the United States by criticizing Biden’s letting the United States rejoin the Paris Agreement on climate change. Haley, the former permanent representative of the United States to the United Nations, set up the political action of “fighting for the United States” The committee also told supporters that she was focusing on the 2022 mid-term election; former Secretary of state Pompey o seemed to have aimed at the 2024 election, and he tweeted on the 21st: “1384 days to go”.

Bbc23 wrote that trump always seemed to be able to get out of the predicament in the past, “always will not sink completely, just like the submarine in the rowing world.”. Today, he has lost his presidency, is blocked by social media, and faces tough legal and financial challenges. “Can he plan a political comeback? Will the sea lake manor be his Elba or St. Helena. But after another defeat, he was exiled to St. Helena and died


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