Chief minister of the Scottish Government: if he wins the election in May, he will promote the second “independence referendum”

According to ABC, Scottish government chief minister and SNP leader Nicola sterkin said on the 24th that if she wins the election in May this year, she will push for Scotland’s second “independence referendum.”.

According to reports, some recent polls show that more than half of the respondents support Scotland to become an “independent country”. Sturgeon said her Scottish National Party would take part in the May election to “fight for the rights of the Scottish people” and hold a new referendum. “If the SNP wins the election in a few months’ time and gives the people such a right of choice (an independent referendum), what reason can Democrats have to stop it?” sterkin told the BBC? Boris Johnson is clearly afraid of the opinions and will of the Scots. “

Chief minister of the Scottish Government: if he wins the election in May, he will promote the second

According to the report, sterkin said that Britain’s “brexit” went against Scotland’s will. In the 2016 referendum, the vast majority of Scots voted to stay in the EU, but the UK eventually left the EU by a narrow majority.

Covid-19 also said that the Scotland National Party said that if it wins most seats in Scotland’s parliament in May, it will pass the bill to allow for the second referendum after the new crown. If the Johnson Administration objects, it will go to court.

In response, Scotland’s opposition party said Sitkin should focus on fighting against COVID-19 and developing the economy rather than planning for independence.

On May 17, 2016, sturgeon, the leader of SNP, won the Scottish Parliament Election and was elected as the chief minister of the Scottish government by 63 votes. On January 14, 2021, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson explicitly rejected Scotland’s request to hold a second referendum on independence this year, saying that the second referendum would lead Scotland to a political deadlock again.

In an interview with the media, Johnson said that Scotland held an independence referendum in 2014, and Nicola sterkin, chief minister of the Scottish government and head of the Scottish National Party, had previously promised that the independence referendum “can only be held once a generation”.

Sturgeon later responded in a social media article that Johnson’s refusal to hold a second independent referendum in Scotland this year was “expected”, but it was “self deception”. She insisted Scotland should have the right to choose independence.


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