Increasing crowdfunding in food and catering industry in response to epidemic situation in Japan

As COVID-19 is not fading, the Japanese food and catering industry is seeking more and more businesses to support the business and start new businesses with the help of crowd financing. Japan’s food and catering industry raised 22.3 billion yen (about 1.39 billion yuan) in the first half of last year by giving gifts to supporters and other means of crowdfunding in return, about three times the amount of the same period the year before last, setting a new record and has continued to grow since then, the Japan Broadcasting Association reported Thursday, citing data from the Japan crowdfunding Association. Crowdfunding platform operators said that the purpose of crowdfunding is no longer limited to obtaining regular working capital, but to invest in new businesses to cope with the long-term impact of the epidemic. Some restaurants use crowdfunding to develop online business, while some event planning enterprises use crowdfunding to provide online services. More and more enterprises use crowdfunding to develop new products or set up new business branches, and more consumers are willing to participate in crowdfunding to support operators in this form, said Fang Yuan Jianai, one of the main leaders of makuake, a well-known creative crowdfunding platform in Japan. (Qiao Ying)

(editor in charge: Ma Changyan)


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