What are the top three takeout items that people all over the world like? Big data analysis: pizza, Chinese food and sushi

[Global Times comprehensive report] according to South Korean economy on the 24th, money beach, a British insurance company, recently made a big data analysis on the search volume and actual order volume of takeout in various countries on Google, and found that the top three takeout items in the world are pizza, Chinese food and Japanese sushi. Pisa is most popular among foreign sellers in the world. It ranks first in 44 countries, including Italy and Germany. Most European countries especially prefer it. Chinese food is the second most popular in 29 countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Mexico and Kenya. The third most popular is Japanese sushi in 10 countries, including Sweden, Ukraine and Romania. Fish and chips, fried chicken, Indian food and Korean food followed. It seems to be a matter of course that Chinese people like Chinese takeout and Japanese like sushi takeout, the report said. However, South Koreans, who are proud of Korean food, like pizza takeout the most. Jordan, Lebanon and Oman in the Middle East are the three countries that like to order Korean takeout the most. The same is true of Indians. Some analysts believe that the reason why pizza is favored by takeaway people from the most countries in the world is because of its simple packaging, easy storage, good quality and low price. Investigators said the novel coronavirus pneumonia industry suffered heavy losses, and the importance of takeaway industry has become increasingly prominent. (Wang Wei)

(editor in charge: Ma Changyan)


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