Russian media: Biden won the election but may “lose the country”

According to an article published on the website of Russia’s “independent” on January 22, American society has fallen into an unprecedented tear due to the election results. Biden did not win the convincing, crushing victory expected by the democratic and liberal elites.

According to the article, “the process of & lt; Healing & gt; will not be easy, especially after trump supporters believe that & lt; the election victory has been stolen & gt. Fighting against COVID-19 may not serve as a new government’s agenda for condensing the whole nation. The fight against the epidemic needs bold measures, but this may arouse some Americans’ protest. Biden, who won the election, risks losing the country.

As a result, we have to deal with Biden’s admitted weak, stagnant and trying to change America, the article said. It can be concluded that there are not many supporters behind Washington’s return to “liberal” interventionism, although the government is very optimistic about it. It is no exaggeration to say that Washington’s whole foreign policy after World War II and its ambitious philosophy of establishing the status of “American leader” in the world are no longer in line with the current national interests of the United States. The United States is withdrawing from the era of launching “selective war” abroad, because it is not ready for a military war with its rivals with comparable firepower and technical equipment, such as Russia.

The article points out that the positive schedule has already been achieved: fighting against COVID-19 and terrorism and tackling climate change. Biden has promised to return to who and the Paris climate agreement. He is not willing to act as “trump’s clown” and will take a slightly more moderate stance on Iran, Cuba and Venezuela. What the world needs is visible cooperation. Everyone wants to get back to normal.


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