US media comment on Trump: four years as president, 30000 ridiculous words

The Washington Post website reported on January 23 that nearly half of the 30573 wrong or misleading statements made by trump as president occurred in the last year of his term of office. The excerpts are as follows

Day after day, week after week, Trump’s misrepresentations one after another, from the most mundane topics to the most intractable problems.

As time goes by, Trump’s erroneous remarks are not only more and more frequent, but also more and more vicious. There are often many erroneous expressions in a campaign speech or a twitter storm. At first, his misrepresentations were relatively sparse, including 10 on the first day of his term and five on the second day. However, as his term of office came to an end, his misrepresentations were like a flood. He enthusiastically spread absurd ideas, such as the “miraculous” disappearance of the new crown pandemic, and the “stolen” election; This statement encouraged Trump’s supporters to launch an attack on Congress on January 6 and led to his second impeachment.

The final statistical result of Trump’s term of office is: 30573 wrong or misleading statements & mdash; & mdash; nearly half of them occurred in the last year of his term of office.

For more than a decade, the fact investigator column has been evaluating the accuracy of statements made by politicians of both parties, and this work will continue. However, Trump’s blatant disregard of the facts poses a new challenge, and many of his statements are not worthy of comprehensive verification at all. However, the impact of his remarks is likely to last for many years.


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