US newspaper disclosed: Trump’s “turn over” attempt is resisted by subordinates

According to the Wall Street Journal website on January 23, people familiar with the matter said that in the last few weeks of his term of office, former US President trump considered replacing the acting attorney general to put another official who was ready to push the election fraud charges on the top. Trump also asked the Justice Department to file a lawsuit with the Supreme Court to nullify Biden’s victory.

All these efforts failed because the Justice Department officials he appointed refused to bring a lawsuit to the Supreme Court that they thought had no legal basis, the report said.

According to people familiar with the matter, other senior officials of the Justice Department said at that time that they would resign collectively if trump removed Jeffrey & middot; Rosen, then acting attorney general.

Some people familiar with the matter said senior Justice Department officials, including Rosen, former Attorney General William Barr and former deputy attorney general Geoffrey wall, refused to file a lawsuit with the Supreme Court on the grounds that there was no basis for questioning the election results and that the federal government had no right to favor either trump or Biden.

White House adviser pat middot sipolon and his deputy Patrick phelpin are also opposed to trump’s idea, people familiar with the matter said.

A former official said: “he wants us, the U.S. government, to sue one or more states directly in the Supreme Court. &”The official said that in December last year, after a lawsuit filed by Texas against Biden’s four winning states in the Supreme Court was dismissed, the pressure became very strong;. An external lawyer for trump drafted an indictment that trump wanted the Justice Department to file, but officials refused, people familiar with the matter said.

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