Ophthalmology center of Affiliated Hospital of Weifang Medical College solves the problem of medical treatment for grassroots people

Recently, the “2020 Forum on improving medical services for Chinese hospital presidents” was held in Beijing by the National Health Commission, the medical administration, the people’s network and people’s health. Deng Aijun, vice president of the Affiliated Hospital of Weifang Medical College and director of the Ophthalmic Center, said in an on-the-spot interview that under the guidance of the concept of “great health”, the Ophthalmic Center of the Affiliated Hospital of Weifang Medical College has given full play to the advantages of medicine, teaching and research in recent years, continuously deepening the connotation development, exploring the development path, looking for development, planning and drawing the future, and exploring the high-quality development of advantageous specialties under the framework of general hospitals Local experience, so that people can enjoy better medical services, and contribute to the construction of “healthy Shandong” and “healthy China”.

Deng Aijun said that although the hospital has developed and expanded, the imbalance of medical resources in the region is very obvious, especially the problem of difficulty for grassroots people to see a doctor has not been well solved.

In order to provide better medical resources for the people, the ophthalmology center of the Affiliated Hospital of Weifang Medical College, together with Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Beijing Tongren Hospital, Shanghai Jiuyuan hospital and other famous hospitals, has established a two-way referral green channel, and built a working mechanism and information platform for consultation, case discussion and remote consultation of difficult cases.

“It’s better to teach people to fish than to teach them to fish”. The ophthalmic center actively takes advantage of public top three hospitals, and initiated the establishment of “ophthalmic specialist alliance of affiliated hospitals of Weifang Medical College”. Nearly 40 primary health institutions have joined in. In recent years, through technical assistance, personnel training and other forms, we have carried out in-depth cooperation with the alliance units, providing them with a lot of learning and exchange platforms and opportunities, making the medical resources sink, and really helping the grassroots to improve their skills and seek development.

As a University Affiliated Hospital, we should support the backbone of the Shandong Provincial Department of ophthalmology in the incidence rate and the risk of high operative risk through various ways such as going out and coming in. We should actively develop the ophthalmology department, such as orbital diseases, pediatric lacrimal duct diseases and eye plastic surgery. These professional development will take the lead in the development of ophthalmology in Shandong province. And through the performance reform, encourage the development of three or four level operation, and gradually form the diagnosis and treatment mode of leaving common diseases at the grass-roots level, solving difficult and miscellaneous diseases in the three-A hospitals, linkage up and down, and two-way referral.


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