Often turn two, the whole body Qi and blood are connected

Expert: Wang Xiyou, deputy chief physician of Department of massage and pain, Dongzhimen Hospital, Beijing University of traditional Chinese Medicine

For health care, many people continue to find and try various methods. In fact, our body has the most convenient and effective method, but it is often ignored. The easy way to do this is to turn your wrists and ankles.

Wrist is the site where hand three yin meridians and hand three yang meridians pass through together, and the main acupoints are Taiyuan, Lieque, Neiguan, etc.; ankle is the site where foot three yin meridians and foot three yang meridians pass through together, distributed with Kunlun, Qiuxu, Taixi and other acupoints. Stimulating wrist and hand can “vibrate” 12 meridians of the whole body, unblock Qi and blood of the whole body, and have different health care effects. For example, Taiyuan point can tonify lung qi and cough; Lieque point can promote blood circulation and diuresis and treat cervical spondylosis; Taixi point is the original point of kidney meridian, which has powerful kidney tonifying function; Kunlun point can treat headache, low back pain and hypertension.

Therefore, the daily might as well often turn the wrist ankle, equivalent to the whole body to do a massage. The rotation time should be comfortable, with local fever or acid swelling feeling. This method focuses on persistence, at the same time, pay attention to the action, too severe easy to sprain muscle. (Shan Qiwen)


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