Foreign media: Biden will resume restrictions on multinational travel

According to Reuters and CNN, a White House official confirmed that US President Biden will resume the new travel restrictions on non US citizens who have visited 26 countries in Brazil, Britain, Ireland and Europe on the 25th local time.

Foreign media: Biden will resume restrictions on multinational travel

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According to the report, Anne Schuchat, chief deputy director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), also said in an interview on the 24th: “we have included South Africa in the restricted list because this worrying (new crown) variety has spread to places outside South Africa.”

She added that the CDC is implementing a series of measures to protect Americans and reduce the risk of the spread of these variants and the current deterioration of the new crown.

According to previous reports, on the last second days of the presidency, President Trump issued an executive order announcing the lifting of travel restrictions related to COVID-19 and the 26 countries, including Britain and Brazil. In response, Biden’s press secretary pusaki quickly said that the Biden administration will not let the trump administration’s executive order take effect.

Original title: foreign media: Biden will resume the multinational travel restrictions cancelled by trump

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