Samsung’s “leader” Li Zairong accepts retrial

Samsung’s “leader” Li Zairong today (25) decided to accept the retrial verdict of the “cronies interfering in politics” case and not appeal.

Wpap6021602 img Li Zairong (central) today (25) decided to accept the retrial judgment in the “crony interference” case and not appeal. (Reuters)

It is understood that today is the last day of the legal time limit for appeal. If the prosecution does not appeal, then Li’s sentence will maintain the retrial judgment. Li’s lawyer said, “he has decided to accept the judgment with an open mind and not appeal any more.”

Earlier, Lee Jae Jung was involved in the scandal of former South Korean President Park Geun hye’s “cronies interfering in politics”. He was charged in February 2017 for donating money and offering bribes to a consortium controlled by park Geun hye’s “best friend” Choi shunshi in order to inherit Samsung’s convenience. On February 18, South Korea’s Seoul high court sentenced Lee Jae Jung, President of Samsung Electronics, to two years and six months’ imprisonment Li Zairong was detained in court.

Editor in charge: Lin Wei


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