According to the news on January 25, Motorola will hold a new product launch at 19:30 tomorrow evening. At that time, Motorola’s new flagship edge s, which has been warming up for many days, will make its debut.

With the press conference approaching, Motorola has officially started the continuous warm-up of edge s.

Today, Motorola officially revealed that edge s will be equipped with multi screen collaborative technology. From the warm-up poster, we can see that this function can synchronously display the content of mobile phones to laptops and desktops, and complete the collaborative work among the three.

It is understood that the multi screen collaboration technology can make the mobile phone connect with two devices, generate the mapping of the smart phone on the computer side, and share music, text, documents and other information from the computer or mobile phone, then you can drag it directly.

At the same time, it can also support the two-way drag and drop of library, file manager, e-mail and memo applications, which can be called “artifact” of efficient office;.

Learn from Huawei? Motorola edge s: equipped with multi screen collaborative technology

Through Motorola’s recent continuous warm-up of edge s and the revelations of some bloggers, we have a basic understanding of the hardware configuration of this new machine.

It is reported that Motorola edge s will carry snapdragon 870 times flagship chip for the first time. The overall specification of the chip is consistent with that of snapdragon 865 +. The difference is that the former uses an enhanced kryo 585 CPU core, and the dominant frequency of a super core is as high as 3.2ghz.

In addition, Motorola officials also said that edge s will be equipped with turbo lpddr5 and turbo UFS 3.1 flash technology.

Among them, turbo lpddr5 supports scalable virtual memory, which can bring 72% running speed, while turbo UFS 3.1’s writing speed is increased to 700MB / s.

According to the information disclosed, Motorola edge s will use a 6.7-inch 1080p double perforated screen, equipped with a front 16 megapixel dual camera, a rear 64 megapixel main camera, and a built-in 5000 MAH high-capacity battery.

As Motorola’s first flagship in 2021, it is worth looking forward to whether edge s has more surprises waiting for consumers.

Learn from Huawei? Motorola edge s: equipped with multi screen collaborative technology

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