Samsung and AMD have confirmed for many times that they are cooperating on GPU. Of course, it is not OEM, but the research and development of mobile SOC.

A South Korean netizen exposed the score of exynos chip integrated with AMD GPU in the engineering stage, and the test software is gfxbench.

Among them, Manhattan 3.1 off screen 181.8fps, Aztec ruins conventional 138.25fps, Aztec ruins high-level 58fps.

The results of A14 bionics of iPhone 12 pro in the same test are 146 FPS, 79 FPS and 30 FPS respectively. You know, on the current gfxbench, A14 is the absolute overlord, exceeding it means the global summit.

Although the performance looks very exciting, the informant also pointed out that although AMD’s GPU technology is excellent, for Samsung, the balance between performance and power consumption is still the most important issue.

In the case of exynos 2100 and snapdragon 888, the comparison of different versions of Samsung S21 ultra shows that once the GPU is overloaded, the chip performance degradation is very serious.

According to digital blogger @ I Bing universe, Samsung will come up with exynos chip integrating amd GPU solution as soon as the second or third quarter of this year, covering high-end 2XXX series and mid-range 1xxx series.

The fastest in the first half of the year! Exposure of new exynos chip integrated with AMD GPU: GPU runs faster than A14

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