Tough as ever! First evaluation of V40: add buff to Fage

1、 Foreword: say goodbye to the past self, new glory V40 on the road

As early as 2017, glory mobile ranked the top of China’s Internet mobile phones with a sales volume of 54.5 million units and a sales volume of 78.9 billion yuan; in the first half of 2019, it was able to compete with Xiaomi + Hongmi at that time. It can be said that the glory of these years is worthy of its pioneering mission.

As the first flagship of glory brand after independence, the importance of glory V40 for glory brand is self-evident. Once the glory, for many years in a row dominated the domestic & lt; Internet sales first & gt;. So, whether the glory after complete independence can continue the previous valiant, let’s look forward to it.

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