Tokyo 24 new confirmed 986 cases, Xiaochi: to control the turning point of the epidemic

Novel coronavirus pneumonia website, Tokyo, January 25, according to the Asahi Shimbun website, 24 new cases of new crown pneumonia confirmed in Tokyo, Japan, 986 cases. The new day has been reduced to 12 cases since January 12th, and 12 days later.

According to the age group of newly diagnosed cases, 191 cases were in their 20s, which was the most. In addition, 148 cases were over 50 years old, 143 cases were over 30 years old, 125 cases were over 40 years old, and 260 cases were over 65 years old.

According to Tokyo’s criteria, there are 156 severe cases in the area.

It is understood that the total number of confirmed cases in Tokyo has reached 93890.

Tokyo governor Miko Koike

The novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in Tokyo on 24 days has dropped to another 1000 days following a lapse of 12 days. Koike Yuriko, governor of Tokyo, told reporters in an interview: “now is a critical moment. Although we have reached the turning point of controlling the epidemic, we still need to continue to do a good job in epidemic prevention.”

On the issue of controlling the flow of people, she pointed out: “after understanding the analysis data, we know that the control of the flow of people is not ideal. In particular, the implementation of the home office system has not been effective, so the flow of personnel has not decreased much. ” “Vigorously promoting the home office system and reducing the flow of people will help to control the spread of the epidemic,” she said. I hope to get your support. “


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