Support for Kan’s cabinet fell to 33%

Japan’s “Asahi Shimbun” 23 and 24 conducted a public opinion survey showed that the support rate of the Japanese cabinet led by Kan Yiwei fell to 33%, while the non support rate rose to 45%.

Support for Japan’s cabinet led by Support for Kan's cabinet fell to 33% Kan Yiwei fell to 33%. (Xinhua)

According to Xinhua news agency, 73% of the respondents in the survey believed that Kan Yiwei “failed to play” leadership in the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic. Asahi Shimbun commented that the public’s dissatisfaction with the government’s epidemic prevention and control measures greatly affected the cabinet’s support rate.

As for the emergency manifesto recently issued by the Japanese government for 11 prefectures, 80% of the respondents thought it was “too late” to issue the Manifesto. At the same time, 54% of the respondents thought that the Manifesto only required people not to go out as much as possible and required restaurants to shorten their business hours, while only 34% thought it was “appropriate”.

The new crown vaccine is regarded by Kan Yiwei’s cabinet as the key to control the epidemic. However, according to the public opinion survey, if the Japanese government promotes free vaccination, only 21% of the respondents said that they would be vaccinated immediately, 70% said that they would “wait and see” and 8% said that they would not be vaccinated.

In response to the concerns of the public about the Tokyo Olympic Games, 51% of the respondents thought it would be postponed again, 35% thought it would be suspended, and only 11% thought it would be held as scheduled.

Japan’s major media experience in different periods of time for the cabinet support rate of public opinion survey. According to the results of the public opinion survey released by the Japan Broadcasting Association on January 12, Kan Yiwei cabinet support rate fell to 40%, while the non support rate rose to 41%, this is the first time since the establishment of Kan Yiwei cabinet in September last year, the support rate is lower than the non support rate.

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