How does pregnant mother protein intake inadequacy do?

Original title: how to deal with insufficient protein intake of pregnant women?

How does pregnant mother protein intake inadequacy do?

During a business trip to a city in the south of China, we found that some pregnant mothers had a serious lack of protein intake. Because of the so-called dietary taboo of the older generation, some pregnant mothers can’t eat this or that, leading to the symptoms of protein deficiency. Protein is an important component of the human body. Pregnant women need more protein for the growth of the mother, placenta and fetus. Protein accounts for nearly 1 kg of weight gain during pregnancy, half of which is stored in the fetus. The protein storage during pregnancy increased with the gestational age. Protein is particularly important for the development of fetal brain, so pregnant mothers need to supplement high-quality protein in their diet.

In order to avoid insufficient protein intake in the diet, pregnant mothers should ensure the following protein rich foods in their normal diet.

Beans are rich in protein, soybean protein up to 36% – 40%, amino acid composition is more reasonable, the utilization rate in the body is high, is a very good source of plant protein.

Eggs contain 11% – 14% protein, milk contains 3.0% – 3.5% protein, and the amino acid composition is relatively balanced, which are important sources of high-quality protein for human body. Poultry, livestock and fish contain 15% – 22% protein.

It is suggested that qualified women should go to the hospital to receive professional nutrition guidance when they are pregnant, so that they can control their weight well before pregnancy. After pregnancy, they should go to the hospital regularly to receive professional nutrition guidance. Through the professional analysis of body nutrition, body composition, metabolism and dietary nutrition (Kangping individual nutrition monitoring and management workstation), the system can give you personalized, scientific and balanced information Accurate dietary guidance program can not only ensure the nutritional needs of you and your baby, but also reduce the risk of pregnancy disease, and achieve good weight management during pregnancy.

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