Research: lung scar of new crown patients is more serious than smoking

A doctor from the health research center of the University of South Florida in the United States, after careful study, pointed out that patients with new coronal pneumonia will leave “scars” in their lungs after recovery, and even asymptomatic patients will also leave permanent damage.

The lungs of patients with new crown pneumonia treated with wpap6021602 img (right) are all white. (screenshot)

According to foreign media, when the new crown epidemic broke out in the United States in March last year, pulmonary doctor gaetane Michaud was working as a front-line doctor in New York. At that time, he had seen hundreds of X-rays and CT scans of the lungs of new crown patients.

Michaud compared three CT images of the lungs of ordinary people, smokers, and new crown patients. She pointed out that most of the X-ray films of ordinary people’s lungs should be black, representing full of air; while the lungs of smokers have some white spots; while the lungs of smokers have some white spots; As for the lung of patients with new crown pneumonia, it is almost a white serious “Scar”, which is like concrete and can affect oxygen entering the lung.

And many asymptomatic patients with infection examination results also appear serious lung injury, and leave scars.

She describes patients with new crown pneumonia as having terminal lung disease, and the severity is like people who have smoked for decades. The only difference is that in terms of time, new crown pneumonia is only a matter of a few days.

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