Looking forward to China sharing wisdom and Solutions

“4 years ago, President Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony of the 2017 annual session of the world economic forum at the Davos International Conference Center and delivered a keynote speech. He stressed the need to unswervingly promote economic globalization and guide the trend of economic globalization. President Xi Jinping’s keynote speech is still of great practical significance. On January 24, Li Howell, executive director of the world economic forum, said in an exclusive interview with our reporter. Howell said: “President Xi Jinping’s proposal on promoting economic globalization is convincing and highly appraised by the international community.” He said President Xi Jinping emphasized the importance of creating a dynamic growth mode, an open and win-win cooperation model, a fair and reasonable governance model, a balanced development model of universal benefits, and a firm sense of community consciousness of human destiny. These proposals extremely elegant and valuable. “In the context of more intertwined and integrated interests of all parties, the upcoming Davos agenda dialogue will rethink these important propositions.”. Howell said 2021 would be a “critical year for rebuilding trust” around the world. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a key stage in the world to tackle the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Global coordination, public-private partnerships and local cooperation are particularly important. In addition to fair distribution of vaccines and response to the epidemic, other urgent problems related to economy, employment and environment also need to be solved through trust and cooperation. The “Davos agenda” dialogue will focus on severe challenges that require global cooperation, such as building a resilient economic system, promoting responsible industrial transformation, and coping with the increasingly urgent climate crisis. The world economic forum recently released the global risk report 2021. “There are global risks like epidemics at the national and local levels,” Howell said. No country can deal with such incidents alone. ” Howell pointed out that the most important thing to deal with global challenges is to work together. Countries should be more inclusive in formulating policies and measures to deal with the epidemic and restore the economy. “The world is facing risks and challenges, and the world expects China to play an important role in economic recovery. Some economists predict that China’s contribution to world economic growth will exceed one third in 2021. ” Howell said that the international community should also pay more attention to China’s contribution to building a more resilient and sustainable recovery. President Xi Jinping will present a special speech at the world economic forum’s Davos agenda dialogue by video. We are very honored by that. ” Howell said that the world economic forum has a history of 50 years. Representatives from governments, businesses, academia and international organizations gathered to explore solutions to key global challenges. Howell said: “we look forward to hearing President Xi Jinping’s special address and looking forward to China’s sharing of wisdom and solutions in tackling climate change and participating in the fourth industrial revolution.” (people’s daily, Brussels, January 24)

(editor in charge: Zhu Xiaohang)


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