US media: former US intelligence director says trump wants to run again

According to the website of Newsweek on January 24, former president Donald Trump has repeatedly told his former acting director of national intelligence that he wants to run again in 2024, which has triggered a debate over whether he will run as a Republican or as a “Patriot” candidate.

Richard grenell, former intelligence director of trump, said in a TV program on Daquan News Network on Saturday local time that trump himself has been running many times and he really wants to run for president again. Grenell reiterated that given that trump is currently the “Republican leader,” he hopes trump will run as a Republican in 2024. In the same news show, Sebastian gorka, another former trump administration figure, ridiculed HBO network host bill Mitchell and some Democrats who recently equated Trump’s “Patriotic Party” movement with the rise of the German Nazi party in Adolf Hitler’s political ascent.

Grenell stressed that trump not only told him and other close aides about his plans to run in 2024, but also trump is by far the most popular politician in the entire Republican Party. According to the summary results of the 2020 year-end polls and surveys, trump got about 90% of the respondents who claimed to support the Republican Party & mdash; & mdash; and even higher in some surveys. An increasingly outspoken faction of trump supporters and Republican lawmakers accused the party’s elites of “abandoning” trump when he had no basis to doubt that Joe Biden won the election.


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