Team doctor jailed for eight years in suicide case of South Korean athlete Cui Shuxian

South Korea’s Daegu district court sentenced team doctor an to eight years in prison and fined 10 million won (59000 yuan) for abusing the late South Korean Triathlon female athlete Cui Shuxian, South Korea media reported. Meanwhile, it required an to receive 80 hours of sexual violence treatment, disclose his personal information within the next seven years, and limit his stay in the country Employment of children, youth related institutions and welfare facilities for the disabled.

The South Korean court said that the defendant, an MOU, used his identity as a team doctor to beat and molest the team members in the name of treatment, resulting in Cui Shuxian’s suicide and death because he could not bear it, which brought irreparable pain to the victims. The criminal plot was bad and the crime was extremely serious. However, considering that he was a first-time offender, he voluntarily pleaded guilty and accepted punishment.

It is reported that an not only committed verbal violence, physical abuse and sexual harassment to several triathlon athletes, but also was suspected of illegal medical practice without a doctor’s or physical therapist’s license. He also asked the team members for more than 200 million won in treatment fees, and the prosecution handed them over to the court.

After the verdict of the Korean court came out, Cui Shuxian’s father and teammates expressed dissatisfaction, “just because he is a first-time offender, he will be given a sentence lower than the prosecution’s request for punishment, which is too unfair compared with the injuries suffered by the victims.”.


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