Answer the question of the world economy and look at China’s answer four years later

What’s wrong with the world and what are we going to do?

“Rebalancing the process of economic globalization”, “correctly choosing the path and rhythm of integrating into economic globalization”, “sharing the benefits of economic globalization from different countries, different strata and different groups”… 4 years ago, in January 17th, President Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony of the world economic forum 2017 annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, and delivered keynote speech to share in solving the world economic problems. China’s plan points out the direction for the globalization process at the crossroads.

Answer the question of the world economy and look at China's answer four years later

In January 17, 2017, Xi Jinping delivered the keynote speech entitled “sharing responsibility for the times and promoting global development” at the opening ceremony of the 2017 annual session of the world economic forum.

The light of thought goes through time and space and becomes more and more dazzling in the adverse wind and water.

Today, the century’s epidemic situation and the century’s changes are intertwined, and the international pattern is undergoing profound evolution. People feel more deeply that the China plan put forward by President Xi Jinping 4 years ago is very forward-looking and constructive, and is still great teaching.

Answer the question of the world economy and look at China's answer four years later

President Xi Jinping emphasized the guiding role of innovation in many international conferences held in 2020 at the international conferences held in 2020.

Innovation has become the key word of world economic development.

Recently, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) released the Chinese version of “global innovation index 2020”. The report shows that novel coronavirus pneumonia has caused pressure on global long-term innovation growth and has impacted on the innovation pattern. On the other hand, the epidemic has also boosted innovation in many emerging and traditional fields, such as health, education, tourism and retail. International scientific cooperation is also strengthening.

“The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is spreading rapidly across the globe and requires a whole new way of thinking to ensure that we overcome this major global challenge.” Francis gorui, former director general of the world intellectual property organization, said that innovation is the solution.

More and more countries have reached a consensus that they should “strive to expand the common interests of all countries, build a harmonious and cooperative international family”, “strengthen the coordination of international macroeconomic policies”, “adhere to multilateralism, openness and inclusiveness, mutually beneficial cooperation, and keep pace with the times”.

Answer the question of the world economy and look at China's answer four years later

A world of ice and snow, China’s development is the opportunity of the world 4 years ago. In Davos, Xi Jinping, chairman of the world, China is the beneficiary of economic globalization and the contributor.

Recently, China’s 2020 economic report card came out – China’s total GDP exceeded 100 trillion yuan for the first time; China’s total import and export value exceeded 32 trillion yuan, a record high; China’s actual use of foreign capital was nearly 1 trillion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 6.2%, a record high in scale.. This report card has injected “warmth” into the world economy full of “chill”.

Reviewing the speech delivered by President Xi Jinping in Davos in 2017, the “warmth” has continued to this day.

— China will strive to improve the quality and efficiency of economic growth.

China will continue to stimulate growth momentum and market vitality.

— China will actively create a relaxed and orderly investment environment.

— China will vigorously build a pattern of opening up for common development.

To adapt to the new situation and new requirements, China proposes to build a new development pattern with the domestic big cycle as the main body and the domestic and international double cycles promoting each other. Xi Jinping stressed repeatedly that this is not a closed domestic cycle, but a more open domestic and international double cycle, not only for China’s own development needs, but also for the benefit of all peoples.

“With a population of 1.4 billion and a middle-income group of more than 400 million, China is the most potential market in the world. It is estimated that in the next 10 years, the cumulative import of goods is expected to exceed $22 trillion. ” On November 4, 2020, Xi Jinping pointed out at the opening ceremony of the third China International Import fair.

Great achievements have been made in China’s development and the life of the Chinese people has been greatly improved, which is good for China and the world.

Answer the question of the world economy and look at China's answer four years later

The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic situation once again shows that human destiny is shared by each other, and the interests of all countries are closely linked. The world is an indivisible destiny community.

“Human beings have become a community of shared destiny, with highly integrated interests and interdependence.” Reviewing President Xi Jinping’s speech 4 years ago, people can understand what is the common aspiration of all mankind.

China first promised novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccine as novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccine, and the World Health Organization’s initiative to accelerate the development and production of global cooperation and to acquire a new equitable access to new crown pneumonia prevention and control. All these are important measures taken by China to uphold the concept of human health community and fulfill its commitment to promote vaccines to become global public goods.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccine implementation plan is expected to be delivered to countries from February this year, WHO director general Tan Tak said on January 22, 2021. “2 billion doses of vaccine will be available by the end of this year.”

In the “epidemic” of the global war, the international community stood by each other and joined hands to play a grand movement of a community of shared future for mankind.

Answer the question of the world economy and look at China's answer four years later

The novel coronavirus pneumonia emerge in an endless stream crossroads worldwide, decide on what path to follow from the global economy and global challenges.

“When you encounter difficulties, don’t blame yourself, don’t blame others, don’t give up confidence, don’t evade responsibility, but work together to overcome difficulties.” President Xi Jinping’s speech 4 years ago was extremely elegant and valuable.

In January 25th this year, President Xi Jinping will attend the world economic forum’s “Davos agenda” dialogue and present a special speech.

The world is looking forward to this special speech.

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