“Davos agenda” will revive the strong voice of the times issued by President Xi Jinping

“Davos agenda” will revive the strong voice of the times issued by President Xi Jinping

At the invitation of Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the world economic forum, President Xi Jinping will attend the “Davos agenda” dialogue at the world economic forum in Beijing in January 25th and deliver a special speech.

4 years ago, in January 17th, President Xi Jinping first attended the annual session of the world economic forum and delivered a milepost keynote speech at the opening ceremony. “The sea of the world economy, whether you want it or not, is there.” “we need not only the wisdom to analyze problems, but also the courage to take action” President Xi’s brilliant exposition, full of wisdom and philosophy, answered the questions of “what’s wrong with the world” and “what should we do”, which still reverberates in the ears of the world today.

China has provided China with many novel coronavirus pneumonia issues in the past 4 years, including the global economic globalization and global governance. Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, China has repeatedly proposed the Chinese initiative for the global epidemic. Today, the century’s changes are intertwined with the century’s epidemic situation. How can we gather global consensus, rebuild global mutual trust, and boost global cooperation? The world is looking forward to President Xi’s coming strong voice of China.

The “Davos agenda” dialogue is about to start. CCTV’s “LianBo +” column is dedicated to sorting out President Xi’s related discussions, so as to share with you the vision and responsibility of leaders of big countries.

(China Central Radio and television network)

[editor: Yuan Jingjing]


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