US media: Trump’s impeachment case will open soon

&According to the associated press in Washington, a U.S. official said on the 24th that as the impeachment trial against former U.S. President trump is approaching, U.S. federal law enforcement officials are investigating some threats against members of Congress, including threatening to kill members or attacking them outside Congress.

The official said that as the U.S. Senate moves ahead with plans for Trump’s impeachment trial, these threats and concerns that armed protestors may attack Congress again have prompted the U.S. congressional police department and other federal law enforcement agencies to insist that thousands of National Guard members stay in Washington.

According to the report, the shocking siege of Congress by trump supporters prompted us federal officials to rethink the security work inside and outside the landmark facilities, making the security level of Biden’s inauguration ceremony unprecedented. Although Biden’s inaugural ceremony did not appear, the threat to lawmakers indicates that the possibility of a dangerous event persists.


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